Reflection on District 6 Trip - Part 1

The window enticed me with a false idea of warmth and sunshine so I bought it, wore a short sleeve and headed out to wait for the bus. As I stepped out, I was buffeted from side to side by blows of Cape Town wind. I found my hands hugging my body in an attempt to shield it, so I went back inside to get a jacket… If only I knew t

Wrestling anxiety in the campus arena

Philippians 4:6 -7. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God that passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” This is one of the scriptures l q

Leading yourself into the future

It’s half way through the year. Some of you are back from your mid-year break, others still in it. Have you had time to process what you’re studying and how that might translate into your future work? Some of you may have been totally inspired by the last semester, and some not. Fortunately, although what you’re currently learn

Winter Vac - Resource Pack

Why a Resource Pack? Students are spreading out across the country for the next month as exams end and everyone gets a chance to breathe. In this time, we would love everyone to go on holiday refreshing themselves in God and strengthening their faith in h

Catch the Wave

Wave! Deep breath. Roll. Hold tight! Like a freight train at full throttle it roared over me, a raging force that could batter my frail humanity into shreds within seconds of impact. Barely had I surfaced and wiped the water from my eyes when another loomed large and foreboding ahead, thundering toward me at a frightening speed. Grey-green walls

Starting the Semester Well

A semester has come and gone, another awaits you patiently. If you are anything like me you’ve already been strategizing on how to do better this semester or at the very least survive. In my student days (a distant seven months ago) the buzz word around campus was balance.  Balance your academics with exercise, relationships, spiritua

Student Vac - Resting Well

The vac is finally here. After mountains of assignments, tests and exams, you can finally relax and take a seat back. Freedom!  God, instituted the concept of rest, and He Himself (God of all the universe) also rested. Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. By the seven


What does the Bible have to say about the current transformation debate spreading across our country? From start to end God has an unmatched heart and vision for all humanity. From the opening pages in Genesis where we are made in the precious image of God, through to Revelation where the people of God spend all eternity together. The central qu

Alpha - Why now is the best time.

This last week has been amazing. Professor John Lennox has been with us and has spoken at various events including two lunch time lectures at UCT. Anyone who was there knows these were amazing. Fully packed out Leslie Social 2A, electric presentation and exciting questions. Below are some pictures from the events. Will post up links to podcasts


We wither away without vision. A picture of what the future could be like points the way & fuels us in the present. So, let’s again consider the life changing gravity of what we are doing here. Grace, mission and diversity will impact and shape everything we do. It will also explain some of the decisions we make over the next three mon